5 Effective WordPress Security Tips [Infographic]
There are around 1.86 billion websites on the internet and 18.5 Million Websites are Infected With Malware that is why Security is needed to protect the sites from hacking disasters . WordPress Security tips are as follows:   1.    Use Strong Passwords One of the important and simple tip of security is to use strong passwords. The password
4 Amazing tips to boost your website speed
Do you think that a matter of seconds does not matter? In a technology of today, people are impatient. A difference of a second decide your profit and loss on a larger scale. A delay of one second in loading a page can relent in 16% of customer’s satisfaction, 7% of conservations and 11% of
Web Design Trends In 2019 (You Must Try)

Web Design Trends In 2019 (You Must Try)

The term web design is basically the design process related to the designing of websites. During the start of the 21st-century web has started to play a more vital role in people’s lives. The tools have been updated with time with new software and new standards. Some of the web design trends in 2019 are
Where should you start learning game development
Development of games universally is now at the level of making movies because it is investing the same. For beginners, the first and the foremost step for game development is that they should learn the basic games development concepts, ideas, tools, and operating functions and other features that are useful for operating games. This article