Game Design and Development

Everybody loves to play games especially after the invention of smart phones everyone has a video game in the small pocket. The gaming industry has also evolved throughout the years from creating retro games for some gaming device to creating a game for just mobile phones. kaxyl offers you the custom game development service for game publishers. Our highly skilled and well-trained game developers will turn your ideas into a functional game and will work hard until you get satisfied.

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Game Development Service

When it comes to games unity is the best game development engine for both 2d and 3d games. Unity realized the opportunity in this field and has provided an amazing platform to developers so that they can build new games and publish their ideas to the public of different platforms (Eg: Xbox, IOS, Android). Kaxyl offers custom game development service in affordable pricing for game publishers to contribute to the mobile game industry.

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Virtual Reality

When Virtual reality entered the market, it creates different dimensions in the game industry and provides a user with a fascinating experience by establishing a fictional world in front of a user's eyes. Virtual reality games as much entertaining that today everyone is working on VR games to hit in the market. Kaxyl has an experience of creating numerous kind of virtual reality games including VR sports games, VR simulators, and Various VR environments.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality eliminates the line between the real world and the virtual world. AR lets its users see the real world in front of them. With the Magic of AR technology, we create a fictitious environment in the user’s real life by blending digital content with the real world and provides a ground-breaking experience to the user. Our professional AR team has a vast experience in creating fun and exciting games for mobile using the most advanced AR tools like Vuforia, ARToolkit, ARCore, ARKit, and Wikitude.