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Our Working Process


Requirement Gathering

A Clear Vision is very important in order to do anything as there is a famous saying, that “Vision without action is a daydream, Action without vision is a nightmare”. Requirement gathering is the initial and the most important step that must be taken before starting any project and not only gathering requirements but also clearly understanding it. Kaxyl always appreciates its client opinion and then consulate them which typically helps in producing the best solution for them.

Research & Discovery Phase

The significant part of any work is research and discovery. The research phase is also a chance to discover possible approaches which could be used as an incentive during the ideas generation phase.

Idea Generation

While working on the project using various idea generation techniques such as brainstorming and word mapping. Kaxyl sketch all the opinions of the team to explore the full depth of possible approaches. This organic process varies from project to project.

3P (production, preparation process)

Our 3P technique to do any project already helped many large organizations all over the world. Our team describes product objectives and gives a rough sketch draft to the clients for feedback. After an evaluation of the client, we build a prototype design and then it is again examined by the client after the finalization of the development team work on the implementation of the project. Kaxyl main objective is to develop a product or solution that meets customer requirements.

Final Delivery & Support

Once the desired task is achieved, and the client is satisfied with the project Outcome. Kaxyl will deliver all the project files to the client and if the client has any query so the client can contact us without hesitation.